Campus Commons Pet Hospital needed a complete rebrand. The clinic was undergoing big changes in its practice and it was losing visibility. It needed a fresh, modern look to set them apart from their competitors.


Cisco Smart FM Application

In 2013 Next Pathway was pitching an energy saving application to Cisco. They hired me to design the interface.



As part of Ecoloodi’s marketing strategy, different newsletter designs were created for the different campaigns and for the organization.



Scotiabank, one of Next Pathway’s clients, needed a printed copy of the technology report that NP had created for them.


Villa Illumino

Villa Illumino is a B&B located in the Stockholm Archipielago. The company needed a new website to help users contact them and understand the rates and activities in the area.


Betty Boop

Betty Boop was one of Airborne’s clients. I had fun working on the different wallpapers we created pre-smartphone era using King Feature’s guidelines.


Ormiga Design

Ormiga Design is my own creative services outlet. I needed a newsletter to promote news and other information of interest to subscribers.


Trinity Health & Fitness

The company needed a new website to help prospects and clients find them online. I designed and worked with a developer to get a Wordpress site done for their convenience.


Wild animals

Created as mobile wallpapers, this collection of animal wallpapers was created using Illustrator & Photoshop.


Illumino Lysupp

A wellness organization in Sweden needed to rebrand their company to give it a fresh and modern look.



Elizabeth Peterson Group needed a brand new design for their logo and stationery. They needed something bold and sophisticated that would stand out and set them apart from the competition.



Ecoloodi is a water education non-profit organization that needed a brand and identity. Since it works with children to educate them, they needed a playful icon that kids could play and identify with.


Wine party

I designed a booklet for a private wine party, where each wine presented was explained and the attendees could write notes next to each if they so wished.



Promotional cards that the organization needed for events and fundraisers.


Eat Good 4 Life

When asked to redesign the cover and interior of her newest cookbook, the founder of Eat Good 4 Life was looking for something modern and sophisticated.



Aura is a health studio in L.A. that offers yoga, spinning and body workouts. It needed a styleguide and an overall look and feel for its current brand.


MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper does a yearly event, MINI takes the States. They needed an ad to be printed in the Best Friends magazine.


Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS needed to raise funds for their Elephant Sanctuary. They contacted Calico Ghost Creative for illustrations. She hired me to come up with different ideas.


John T. Fazio

Experience real estate agent, John T. Fazio contacted Calico Ghost Creative to come up with a new brand for him. I was hired to create its new identity.



Catalogue that the organization needed to explain its services and mission statement as well as educate prospective collaborators.



SneezX was an invention that required some illustrations to display the use of the product. The company was acquiring a patent and needed a brochure to showcase its benefits and uses.


Trinity Health & Fitness

The company needed a new identity, so I designed the new logo and business cards.



Geovin Furniture needed a new catalogue for the 2010 collection. They needed a design that would showcase the beautiful pieces made in Canada.



As a big lover of Photoshop, I work on photographs to play around with them. I love manipulating them and creating something new. It’s also something I enjoy doing thoroughly and I’m looking to do more of.



Personal drawing to better my observation and design skills.



Practicing drawing helps me understand perspective and form better. It also allows me to offer clients a skill that can be useful for their businesses.


Dickensian street

Had some fun with an image of Old Stockholm. Converting the day photo into a dark, mysterious alley.