Wild animals

Before there were smartphones, there were cell phones. In 2005 I was introduced to the world of mobile graphics. I had never designed for that medium, so I knew I was entering an exciting new world.

For many projects our team of four would work on different brands; from Maxim to Family Guy to NHL and King Features cartoons, and pretty much everything in between.

In other instances we were given creative freedom to come up with our own ideas and create graphics that would serve as decorative wallpapers for users.
In one of such occasion, I came up with a wild animal theme. I thought it would be pretty cool to have these beautiful animals displayed with an array of colours and a touch of reality that would look vibrant and appealing on a small screen.

I first used Illustrator to create the animals by imitating the technique used in “A Scanner Darkly”, but adding my own touch to it. I then imported the illustrations into Photoshop where I rendered a background that would enhance the image by using a smoke filter.

The results was an exciting set of animals that Airborne Mobile put out in the market.

Organization: Airborne Mobile
Creative Director: John Bowie/Andy Nulman
Tools: Illustrator + Photoshop

Project Details