Next Pathway develops IT solutions for companies in the financial and insurance industries.

Scotiabank, being one of their major clients, requires such solutions for different projects. The IT Navigator™ was such a project. Once the documentation was put together by the team of architects, I was given the final word document, from which I created several PDFs—four books for each section of the report.

Along with a printed report, Scotia required an internal site of the documentation. Working with a developer, I designed a site that was also responsive, based on Scotiabank’s existing branding (colours, website look and feel).

The report also hosts many diagrams to better explain sections, which I helped to make easier to read and follow by making changes to the fonts and colours (not content, as these had been designed by the architects in most cases).

Organization: Scotiabank
Creative Director: Natalia Pérez Wahlberg
Tools: Illustrator (for the redrawing of diagrams), InDesign + Dreamweaver (for initial website prototype).

Project Details