Eat Good 4 Life

Eat Good 4 Life is a blog run by an experience dietitian with great, healthy recipes that are easy to make and help users keep a healthy lifestyle.

When founder, Miryam Quinn-Doblas, approached me to design her logo a few years back, I created a clean and modern look, with a symbol that would be easily associated with health and well-being.

Earlier this year—unhappy with what the publisher had come up with, she once again approached me to design a cover and inside for her new cookbook. However, the last word lay with the publisher and they used their inside team to come up with a final design, although Eat Good 4 Life was more satisfied with my design approach.

Organization: Eat Good 4 Life
Creative Director: Natalia PĂ©rez Wahlberg
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop & Adobe Acrobat

Project Details