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Cisco Smart FM Application

In 2013 Next Pathway was pitching an energy saving application to Cisco. They hired me to design the interface.



As part of Ecoloodi’s marketing strategy, different newsletter designs were created for the different campaigns and for the organization.



Geovin Furniture needed a new catalogue for the 2010 collection. They needed a design that would showcase the beautiful pieces made in Canada.



Scotiabank, one of Next Pathway’s clients, needed a printed copy of the technology report that NP had created for them.


Wine party

I designed a booklet for a private wine party, where each wine presented was explained and the attendees could write notes next to each if they so wished.


Eat Good 4 Life

When asked to redesign the cover and interior of her newest cookbook, the founder of Eat Good 4 Life was looking for something modern and sophisticated.


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Graffiti Alley in Toronto

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Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull

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Pastel drawings

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Pencil drawings

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